New Ryanair flights from Brussels to Perugia

Ryanair expands its network to Perugia.

After London, Barcelona, Sicily, is coming in the new link with Brussels Charleroi Airport, strategically located in the heart of Europe, not far from Holland, Germany and France. The opportunities for tour operators to invest in Umbria increase, especially given that the Dutch, Belgians and Germans together represent the first region of origin for tourism in Umbria. And in particular, the Dutch seem to have fallen in love with the green heart of Italy, looking at their greater propensity to medium - long stay vacations.

Furthermore Ryanair is repeating with another home from Perugia, with link to Cagliari. The link is a gateway to the beautiful towns of the south of Sardinia, as St. Helens, Villa Simius, Pula. The route will have certain success in particular in Italian hot season, between May and October.

The schedules of the new routes

Perugia - Charleroi Brussels

Monday and Friday 15:30 (arriving 17:45)
Charleroi Brussels - Perugia  
Monday and Friday 12:55 (arrival 15.05)

Perugia - Cagliari
Tuesday: 9.05 (arrival 10.25), Friday: 12.40 (arrival 14.00)
Cagliari - Perugia
Tuesday: 7:20 (arrival at 8:40) Friday: 10.55 (arrival at 12.15)

The updated map of Ryanair connections to Perugia

Brussels Charleroi Airport and Cagliari are in addition to London, Barcelona and Girona Trapani.


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