Flights from Brussels to Perugia

The Flight Perugia - Brussels connects Belgium and gorgeous Umbria via low cost airline Ryanair at Perugia airport.

Ryanair fares are among the lowest, with promotions for flights Perugia - Brussels starting at around 40€ one way. It is strongly advised to check in online to save time and money (airport check-in is costly). The ticket is inclusive of hand luggage weighing up to 10 kg. Among the various options available priority boarding, which will give you the possibility to decrease the waiting time for boarding and to choose the place where to sit before the others.

Below is a table with flight times:

Flights from Perugia St. Francis of Assisi to Brussels Charleroi
Weekday Departure Arrival
Wednesday 16:35 18:30
Sunday 12:05 14:00
Flights from Brussels Charleroi to Perugia St. Francis of Assisi
Weekday Departure Arrival
Wednesday 14:15 16:10
Sunday 9:45 11:40

You may purchase your ticket for the flight from Brussels to Perugia online at Ryanair website.

Connections from Perugia Airport to Perugia city

There is a daily shuttle departing every day to Perugia train station Fontivegge (Sulga Bus Terminal, info at +39 (0)75 5009641).

Several hotels offer free bus service to their guests.

Car hire and taxi services available.

Photo: Ryanair Boeing 737  just landed at St. Egidio Airport, © PerugiaCity